_SCAPE Design offers wide ranging services in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design from conceptual design through to quality review during construction.


Key Project Services


Working closely in multi-disciplinary collaborations or directly for clients, SCAPE Design offers a complete and highly skilled strategic master planning service across the full range of projects types that we service. Through this approach, we create imaginative and functional master plans that make communities more liveable, active, inclusive and enjoyable. We bring innovative thinking, incorporation of smart technologies, social responsibility and sustainable principles in the design of resilient landscapes.


Having generated our site and client-specific concept design, or if following up the work of previous consultants, SCAPE Design utilises a combination of site and user analysis, design testing and standards review and rational and efficient design servicing, to arrive at design deliverables that are assessable, quantifiable and engaging to enable progression towards a built outcome. We utilise computer software that is compatible with industry standards for CAD and BIM and participate in web-based project management, communication and coordination systems.


SCAPE Design has specialist skills in the provision of landscape and visual assessment. These skills are often performed in our transport infrastructure projects as part of multi-disciplinary environmental management assessment reports, but have also been used for multi-residential and single lot development projects to ensure the impacts of our projects can be measured using our customised qualitative methods and demonstrated to clients, consultants, stakeholders and authorities.


Gaining an understanding of broader context and fine intricacies, unearthing inherent qualities, as well as forging an understanding of the needs and aspirations of the client and end user, forms the basis of SCAPE Design’s approach to designing places. From this approach we attain deep levels of understanding, which is then refined, redacted and simplified to find the essence of the design and to enable straightforward authority approvals processes.


Over a career spanning nearly 20 years in the landscape industry, SCAPE Design Principal, Chris Houghton has nurtured many projects from concept to reality and understands the complexities involved and the various languages that need to spoken across multi-discipline teams. This delivery experience has seen a diverse mix of projects constructed and knowledge attained, which is being propagated across our team and now also conveyed by senior staff at SCAPE Design.


All Design Services

Active Transport
Brownfield & Greenfield
Community Consultation & Engagement 
Community Infrastructure
Concept Design
Construction Documentation
Contaminated Sites
Development Control Plan
Environmental Graphics
Expert Witness & Design Review
Furniture & Signage
Green Roof Design
Green Wall Design
Heritage Landscapes
Landscape Architecture
Landscape Character & Visual Impact Assessment
Landscape Master Planning
Landscape Research
Open Space
Park Design
Landscape Planning Controls and Amendments
Playgrounds & Play Spaces
Podium, roof gardens & terraces
Precinct planning
Private garden design
Public and government facilities
Public Domain Strategy & Design
Public Institution
Public Realm Design
Recreation Design
Revegetation, wetlands and ecological design
Schematic design
Signage Strategies
Site Supervision/Quality Review
Sports Grounds
Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse
Streetscapes & Shared Streets
Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems [SUDS]
Tourism Projects
Transport Infrastructure
Urban & Landscape Design 
Urban Design Collaboration 
Urban Design Framework
Visual & Character Analysis 
Water Sensitive Urban Design [WSUD]
Waterfeature Design
Waterfront Design
Waterway Design and Management
Wayfinding & Pedestrian planning
Wetland and Lake Design